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"My child is currently in preschool and this is his first contact with English.  The memory process is slow, but teacher Beth is always patient, explains and uses props.  At present, the learning situation is very good.  Thank you Beth for your hard work."

Cherry Z., China

"I receive lessons through Skype and love them. Beth is patient and nice. She makes learning fun. They are the best English classes in the whole world!

Paul Z. age 12, China

"Beth is a very responosible, friendly person and is committed to her job.  Conversations with her are very enriching.  She was not only an English teacher, but my first friend I made when I came to the United States.  She made my transition easier by teaching me about the culture. She is an expert in her subject and works really hard to make it all simple and easy to understand.  She corrected my pronunciation and helped me find a better way to express ideas.  I think she was able to make our classes, which were quite extensive, dynamic and interesting."

Shilpi K., India

"Beth is a patient, kind and responsible teacher.  I am very willing to recommend her to people who want to improve their English."

Zhang H., China



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